Why our investment in PERKii® Probiotics is helping us stay healthy in unprecedented times

PERKii® Probiotics’ new Apple and Ginger flavour is the latest probiotic drink out of the PERKii® lab, made with over 1 billion probiotics.

Now available, along with Strawberry Watermelon, Mango Passionfruit, Forest Berry, and Tropical Splash flavours in supermarkets nationwide, PERKii® is made with one of the world’s most researched probiotic strains, Lactobacillus Casei. 

 “COVID-19 is having a devastating impact on people’s lives in Australia and around the world but it’s encouraging to see the precautions we’re all taking to contain and reduce the spread of the virus,” Chief Executive Officer of PERKii®  Anthony Davie said.

“With social-distancing and self-isolation taking precedence, we're delivering probiotic goodness to you.”

If you can’t get out to the supermarkets or convenience stores, PERKii® is offering free home delivery for multi-case orders placed on their webshop at www.perkii.com.

“For probiotics to be most effective, they need to survive the journey through the stomach to reach the gut.” Mr Davie said.

The magic of PERKii® is its ProGel™ patented technology. Developed by the University of Queensland, ProGel™ supports probiotic stability by encapsulating them in micro beads made from seaweed called Microgels.

These Microgels in PERKii® support a safe passage through the acidic stomach and into the gut of consumers.

The formula made its way from university labs to successful commercialisation thanks to support from universities investment fund Uniseed and top fund manager Atlas Advisors Australia.

Executive Chairman of Atlas Advisors Australia Guy Hedley said PERKii® was a unique opportunity in a $50 billion market.

“Appetite for trusted Australian-made health and wellbeing products is increasing exponentially amidst the COVID-19 crisis,” Mr Hedley said.

“PERKii® encapsulates the best of Australia’s science and technology. Atlas Advisors Australia is proud to support an innovative product with positive health and wellbeing effects.”

Chief Executive Officer of Uniseed, Dr Peter Devine said there are a number of published clinical studies that show the probiotic strain contained in PERKii provides immunity-enhancing benefits.

“Human clinical trials reveal that there are clear benefits to the immune system for adults consuming a daily intake of lactobacillus casei, including enhanced immunity against the influenza virus.” Dr Devine said.

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About PERKii®

Founded at the University of Queensland, PERKii is an Australian organisation using world-leading technology to deliver probiotics effectively to your gut. For more information, visit www.perkii.com.

About Atlas Advisers

Atlas Advisors Australia is a leading funds manager and investment advisory business, operating between China and Australia offering a wide range of financial services and wealth management solutions. With operations in Sydney and Melbourne in Australia and Shanghai in China, we are able to support investors in all China and Australia locations.

About Uniseed

Uniseed is Australia’s longest running investment fund, operating at the Universities of Melbourne, Queensland, Sydney & New South Wales, and the CSIRO, with investment capital provided by these research organisations.


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